Visa Application Guides

Not sure how to apply and what requirements you need to submit to get a US, Schengen, Canada, New Zealand, Australian or Chinese visa in the Philippines or as a Filipino? Check out the resources I’ve gathered for you below. These are also exact same forms I have signed and procedures I have followed when I applied for mine. So instead of copying and pasting those information on here, I’d rather direct you to the pages with greater authority to advise you on the application processes.

US Visa
Schengen Visa (Germany)
Australian Visa
New Zealand Visa
Canada Visa

Most of my past visa applications were lodged in the Philippines, while the more recent ones were received and processed in Singapore. I can affirm though that the visa application process whether you’re in the Philippines or overseas are virtually the same. Upon comparison, these are the only steps that vary:

  • Appointment setting – for visa applications which require face-to-face interviews such as for US and Schengen,  you can easily book your appointment online. Now most embassies have VACs (visa application centres), but during “my time” you can only book US visa interview appointments by calling their international numbers were available which meant you had to be prepared to fork out for the IDD charges.
  • Processing times – back home, I would wait for the visa decision for at least three weeks (now it’s only 7 calendar days). In Singapore, the fastest was four working days for the same type of visa. Normally, embassies will post processing times on their websites. Check that, plan accordingly and just in case you’d need to have your passport back during the processing period – you must tell them about it right away and they will let you know how to go about it.

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