Tips for Successful Visa Application

Applying for a visa has never been fun for me. Why should it be? It involves time, money, effort and a lot of stress! Believe me, I’ve also had my share of rejections, but that didn’t really stop me. A nomad has to do what she’s got to do. So, I’ve learned to live with it! While some rules or policies can be circumvented (and sometimes, even meant to be broken), immigration policies are nothing but tenacious. Follow it to a tee and you’d have a higher chance of getting approved.

Yes, yes…of course. There are some consuls that tend to be highly unreasonable – you’ve got everything prepared, answered every interview question truthfully, looked your best, acted in a totally polite manner – all you wanted was to travel – but what? You still get denied. In which case, I would say there are no surefire ways to get a visa. If you would still like to get some tips though, you may continue reading.

Instead of coming up with a lengthy list, I will just make a success criteria. Success in these visa applications lies on:

  1. 50% Preparedness
    •  Whatever your purpose of travel will be, get all your supporting documents ready, even the ones which “you think” might serve as additional proof or evidence of your claims. Be it to prove your social and economic ties to your home country, relationship with people you are visiting, importance of the event you are attending, etc. Try not to miss out anything on the document checklist – it is better to be over prepared than under prepared. If something’s missing, make sure you have a valid/sensible reason why you don’t have it if asked. Only hand out what is required, unless they ask for additional documents.
    • Do your research. Show interest in the places you’d be traveling to. If they asked for a travel itinerary, make sure you actually know where you’re heading and what you are going to do there. Don’t just copy an itinerary from the internet and submit it.
    • If you have to show up for an interview, don’t come on time – BE THERE EARLY
    • Give yourself enough time to settle and relax
    • Dress and talk smart
  2. 30% Attitude
    • Stay calm and keep a positive attitude
    • Be polite – greet, smile, say thank you, etc
    • Make eye contact during the interview – don’t creep them out with a stare
    • Be honest – the simpler the answer, the better
    • Try not to try too hard – sometimes you get so excited, you begin waving all your documents in the officer’s face. It can look messy and might start distracting them. They’d like to get to the point and focus on evaluating the documents required.
  3. 20% Luck
    • Have you ever heard of the saying, luck is the product of hard work? Visa applications are hard work, I know. And I believe those who give their 101% have higher chances at success than those who don’t.

So don’t be scared to try, go for it! I will be wishing you lots of luck – now there goes your 20%, the rest is on you! 😉

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