Airport Fees and Regulations

Before you go, please be reminded to prepare for a few more things you might not have considered yet. I’ve witnessed people being surprised or even shocked that we, Filipinos, already have to dip into our travel funds even before we fly out of the country. I have also experienced firsthand missing my flight because I didn’t have an OEC and I didn’t resort to bribery. So, just to spare you guys from any more inconveniences, read on.

Not counting your excess baggage fees, here are the abiding current fees to pay at the airport:

Php 1,620 – Travel/Departure tax (adult)
Php 810 – Travel/Departure tax (children under 12 y/o)
Php 550 – Terminal fee for international flights*
Php 200/250 – Terminal fee for domestic flights*

*No deductions and exemptions for children above two (2) y/o

UPDATE: For returning OFWs, great news! The OEC requirement had been scraped since August 2016 so you don’t need to secure an OEC and go through all that trouble anymore. However, for you to qualify for the tax exemption, you must go to this website first:¬†and register for FREE before your tentative departure date. Please remember that if you have to travel elsewhere first besides your overseas employment location, there is no travel tax exemption.

For first-time travelers, know what are considered prohibited items as carry-on or checked baggage, duty free allowances for alcohol and tobacco in countries you will be visiting, plus how much money (cash – coins and bank notes) you can bring.

Generally, you can bring Php 10,000 and USD $10,000 or the equivalent in foreign currencies in and out of the Philippines. But you must declare anything that exceeds that amount and prove that the money was acquired legitimately. To avoid possible interrogations and hassles, just take less and do NOT risk bringing in that much without declaring it.

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