Travel Itineraries

As travelers, how we design our trips reveals our personalities, interests and passions. Some like to travel solo, while others feel more comfortable with group of friends or family. Some like to take it slow and immerse themselves in different cultures, while others, like myself, are drawn to fast-paced and adventurous travel – making the most out of the time they have. Different personalities ensue different travel styles, but that’s exactly what makes us unique! As long as we respect each other, we can co-exist and have the time of our lives – what else should matter?

In this section, you will find some itineraries I have made for my past and upcoming trips. I have often veered away from my plans, but these served as my guide for the must dos and must sees in the area (at least in my opinion!). These are mostly 24-hour or layover itineraries to 3-day itineraries which combine cultural, culinary, adventure-crazy “tours” and others. Of course if you have more time to roam around, it’s easier to adjust the itinerary than hardly having any time to explore. Spending a day is the absolute minimum, you can stretch and extend it as necessary – or perhaps, add some of your own ideas to it!

Have fun creating your own itineraries! It’s always been my favorite part of pre-trip planning. 🙂


1 Day Itinerary: New York City

Morning Arrive at anytime. Book at any hotel/hostel around Central Park if possible! Once rested, drop your bags and off you go. Grab a grub from one of the infamous NYC food carts offering great selection of tasty eats as you start walking around the neighborhood or just simply chill out on one of theContinue reading →

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