Travel Themed Romantic Movies

Top 8 Wanderlust-Inducing Romantic Movies to Watch

Got no plans for the weekend except for maybe crawling onto the couch to binge watch some of your favorite romantic movies to save money for a future trip? If you can’t embark on romantic trips with your significant other or go soul-searching just yet, you can always feast your eyes on these swoon-worthy flicks filmed in gorgeous settings around the world!

Travel themed romantic movies

So whether you’re unapologetically single or happily committed, these movies will make you believe in second chances, forge deeper connections, laugh out loud, and thank the heavens for stumbling upon this list. Let us start with less popular indie romantic movies that deserve some praises.

Forbidden love and kindred spirits

And While We Were Here

IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
Filming locations: Ischia Island, Naples, Italy

As this film takes you to every nook and cranny of this magical paradise, which you may want to add to your bucket list, there are more things to love about it! You’ll not only love it for the charming Ischia Island that will take your breath away, but also for the actors’ (especially Kate Bosworth’s) commendable performance throughout the entire duration of the film. It’s so unpretentious and raw, almost like going off script most of the time. The flows of the dialogues are natural and never forced; not something that just happens in the movies. It’s probably the best place to fall in love in, if only she was single.

Cairo time

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Filming locations: Cairo, Egypt

Yes, more love affairs in foreign lands – nothing I’d recommend! I am simply an advocate of perfectly paced films and awe-inspiring stills this movie is made of. It allows you to take a moment to enjoy the scenes making you feel you’re seeing the Great Pyramids or the vast, vibrant Egyptian markets with your own eyes. You’d appreciate how unhurried everything is. It’s such a visual and auditory delight as panoramic views roll out with eargasmic musical score – an instrumental ode to forbidden love.

Finding love (again) in unexpected places

Something real and good

IMDB Rating: 6/10
Filming locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Ever been stuck all alone at the airport due to a delayed flight or extra-long layover and found yourself making an actual connection with someone who’s on the same boat? It’s getting quite rare these days to strike up a conversation with someone when everyone seems to have his or her own world contained in a smartphone or a laptop, right? This movie urges you to utter a word to someone and let things take its course – with or without a romantic, ulterior motive – just try to connect. It’s a (lot) lighter take on the romantic drama many of you have grown to love, Before Sunrise.

The Thing Called Tadhana (Fate)

[Language:Filipino] IMDB Rating: 7.7/10
Filming locations: Various locations in The Philippines (Mt. Kitepan, Banawe Rice Terraces, Baguio)

Let’s mix things up a bit by adding romantic comedies in foreign languages. Whether you’d find Filipino humour funny or not; if you’ve loved and lost and still trying to move on with your life, this one is for you. You may think it’s easier to deal with the pain alone, but in some (extreme) cases, you need to air it out to someone who can help you see objectively and clearly through all the scars a lost love has left you with and that perfect someone might just be a total stranger. You don’t know much about each other; you won’t care whether they say the wrong or right things; and you can completely be yourself. This feel-good romantic comedy will give you picturesque sights to marvel at, courage to look beyond the unrelenting bleakness of a life heartaches bring about, slowly let go and let fate decide.

Love is in the Air

[Language:French] IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Filming locations: NYC, USA & Paris, France

What would you do when you realize you have to sit next to your ex, you swore never to talk to again, on a long haul flight? When talking normally is near impossible, that’s a problem. No one has to endure anything like that, especially when you hate each other! But what if you really don’t? It just ended badly, but in your heart there’s nothing in the world you’d want more than to have another chance with him or her. Featuring busy streets of Big Apple and lovely City of Lights, this French romantic comedy is sure to make your heart flutter.

You might also enjoy mainstream travel-themed romantic films, which feature ahh-mazing backdrops of some of the most heavenly places we dream about and of course, truly hilarious characters! These are great choices if you don’t like heavy drama or endure at least an hour plus of sitting through a movie with subtitles.

You May Not Kiss The Bride

IMDB Rating: 5.4/10
Filming locations: Chicago & various locations in Hawaii, USA

Couples Retreat

IMDB Rating: 5.5/10
Filming locations: Bora Bora, French Polynesia & various locations in USA

Just Go With It

IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Filming locations: California & various locations in Hawaii, USA

There! You’ll have enough movies for your me-time chick flick marathons, all-girls sleepovers and date nights!

Can you recommend some lesser-known romance movies which somewhat have a travel theme? Don’t forget to drop them in the comments!


I love this and romantic movies, I am always looking for something to watch. There is a few on here that I haven’t seen and I am definitely going to mark them down especially ‘Something real and good’

I’m lucky enough to be going traveling on valentines day and to meet a girl I met by chance on a previous trip! But, if I was at home watching a movie I’d choose Couples Retreat as I lovve Kevin James movies! I’ve managed to pick the 2nd lowest rated movie from your selection! Something Real and Good sounds interesting too!

I always need a little something to supplement books on a flight. I have not heard of any of these, going to check them out.

I love watching new movies so I’ll have to check these out! 🙂

Thank you for this list! Especially intrigued by “Cairo Time” and can’t wait to add that to my list next on Netflix! Here’s few other romance movies with travel themes…Roman Holiday (an Audrey Hepburn classic) & Heartbreak Kid with Ben Stiller!

I haven’t seen any of these but LOVE travel-related movies – so inspiring!

You have literally made my night. My sweet bf is away for Valentine’s Day; we both travel for a living and I, am a serious romantic. This is exactly how I’m spending my night. Choosing a few of these and piling in bed with a glass of wine. xoxo!

Oh, same! I usually watch these movies alone! Perfect me-time treat!

Anuradha Manjul

These are an interesting list of movies. Have missed a few of them. Now I would watch them all again with the travel theme in mind

I have watched couple’s retreat and just go with it. Totally loved the movies..majorly because of the wanderlust that they invoke. Will check the others out

OMG! I’ve only watched ‘Just Go with it’ in this list! I gonna head now to check out all the other movies!!! If possible, there’s an Indian Hindi movie called Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Try to watch it. That’s the best movie about travel, bromance & romance I’ve watched!!!

Thank you for this suggestion! It was actually one of the inflight movies on my recent flight. I hope I can get to watch it! 🙂

I haven’t seen any of these! I definitely want to see ‘Cairo Time’ as Egypt is somewhere I would love to travel too. This is such a creative idea for a post. I usually love reading lists of wanderlust-inspiring books but never thought to search for wanderlust-inspiring films. I think I’ll be forcing- I mean, encouraging- my boyfriend to watch a few of these with me soon 🙂

Thaaaaanks for this list!!!! I love romcom!!!! I’ve already search couple retreat in the next tab. <3

My fiancee would probably like this list more than me. I’m not much of a romantic; more like an action film watcher. But maybe one day, I’ll check one of these out, especially with some being in some cool locations.

I actually started writing a movie list for Europe! This is saved! What a great list. I can’t wait to get stuck in on the train ?

Rebecca x

Michaela Terese Harrison

I’ve only seen Couples Retreat, I way have check out the movies. A interesting list of movies. One of travel movies that I like is Under the Tuscan Sun.

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