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Oktoberfest Season: How to Avoid Hassles and Have an Enjoyable Time

Is it going to be your first time ever to attend the original Oktoberfest in Munich? Well, let me tell you that there’s nothing quite like the real deal and you’re going to have a huge blast as long as you keep in mind a few important things before going to avoid disappointments and better prepare yourself for the grandest and biggest beer festival in the world you’ll ever witness since 1810.

Reserve Your Table in Advance

Beer gardens are scattered everywhere in the vast open space called Theresienwiese where the Oktoberfest festivities take place every year. You can easily get your beers here without a problem and food stalls are everywhere as well – so you have no excuse not to fill your tummies with greasy stuff first before you go on an all-night drinking madness!

Oktoberfest Paulaner Tent

However, if you belong to a big group of at least 10 people, getting a table reserved at one of the brewery tents such as Paulaner, Augustiner, Löwenbräu Festzelt along with at least 13 more others plus smaller beer tents around these massive halls. In these tents, you will be treated to a proper and traditional Oktoberfest celebration with customary typical Bavarian party music and comedic acts, Bavarian food specialties, and beers in a one-liter mug they call maß. But how do you reserve a table at one of these Oktoberfest tents and how much does it cost? That’s the tricky part because you really have to reserve it way in advance and may necessitate pulling a few strings to get you on the list. It’s free but you have to buy a few hundred euros worth of beer and food coupons when you reserve.

Oktoberfest Paulaner Tent 2

If my memory serves me right, our friend who knew someone who could get us in the Paulaner tent only asked the bare minimum of 20 Eur per person to reserve the table and like I said, that is consumable. We’re just lucky that we know someone with connections and we got a table with an amazing balcony view. That was actually one of the deciding factors of whether we should attend the Oktoberfest last year or not. Why is it necessary to have one? Because in some tents, they won’t get your order or serve you if you are not sitting down. I guess if you’re only a party of two, you can just show up, try your luck and join in a table of other groups but probably you’d have to come much later in the night when the “queue” has already abated.

Be Prepared to Spend

What is 20 Eur worth? A liter of beer, some pretzels, and a little bit of tip. I’ve heard from other people some would require almost 100 euros per person just to get you and your gang a nice spot. Although to be honest, it’s so easy to spend 100 euros during Oktoberfest even if you are not a beer drinker! Even a 750ml bottled water will set one back at 7.50 Eur.

I’ve spotted a few ATMs at the main entrance, within the Oktoberfest grounds and al fresco areas of the tents, but it looks like a lot of hassle to go through the crowd and queue up. And then what if your card won’t work or you encounter some sort of technical error? So just do what the Germans do – bring enough cash with you and cash that you have permitted yourself to spend. You will be amazed at how lightning fast your funds get depleted. By the end of the night, I promise you… all that money will be gone. Usually, that will signal you to finally leave and call it a night – unless you want to drink and party more which I can’t blame you for.

The atmosphere itself is so intoxicating, it will make you forget about time and probably everything else.

Dress Up Just This Once

I’ve never really enjoyed prepping and dressing up until I came to Germany and had to pick costumes for Carnival or the perfect Dirndl for Oktoberfest. Traditional Oktoberfest outfits are not exactly cheap but you can get reasonably priced ones from online stores like Zalando or Amazon. I got my Dirndl and Andre’s Lederhosen from Amazon and to be honest, the quality is not bad at all for the price I paid for it. I knew that I’ll probably only wear it once so I didn’t bother looking into anything that costs upwards of 60 euros.

Dirndl und Lederhosen

We didn’t want to be the boring couple showing up in regular casual wear while all our friends are prettified like Bavarian dolls. And of course, we wanted to get into the spirit of the entire celebration as it may not happen again or it might take a while to do it again. It will be hard when you already have a baby in tow, you know!

Don’t End Up Sleeping in the Streets

Although you will most definitely find a lot of totally smashed festival goers slumped along the sidewalks, in the gutters, and even in the middle of the road – you wouldn’t really want to be one of them, would you? If that’s the case, make sure you have booked an accommodation somewhere nearby and not to mention sobered yourself well enough to make your way there. Don’t be surprised that the prices of hotel or hostel rooms in Munich during this period skyrocket and get taken up fast! So you don’t really want to wait that long before you decide – better to have at least something reserved! Some people stay at their friends’ place, couchsurf or just find a room thru Airbnb or a little outside of the city.

If it’s your first time to visit Munich and are also interested to explore the city and neighboring sights, make sure to check out my easy peasy Munich Travel Guide (also published on Skyscanner).

Have fun, you guys! And guzzle (lots of) maß for me, please!

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