My 2016 Highlights

In just a few more hours, fireworks will go off, confetti will swirl around and cheers will resound across the globe as 2016 takes a back seat and give way to 2017. Unlike some people I know who can’t wait for the start of the New Year, all I want is to slow down today and look back on all the wonderful things that happened to me this year. Most of the time, we complain that life is not fair – but sometimes it is and sometimes, it is what we make out of it. Here are some of my year’s highlights:


I got hitched


It was the second time, to the same man. We never really planned to hold two weddings because you know how planning just one can make you lose your mind, but we eventually did. We’re crazy like that. One was under a tacky grape vine arch in a marriage bureau and another, which was more important, under a mind-blowing Catholic church in a little island paradise. After seven long years, we’ve finally made the promise in front of God and all our loved ones. I wish you could have seen how happy we were on that beautiful day – yes, despite all the stress!

The “Yes” that was totally worth giving 🙂 #imarriedmrright

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Enjoyed the longest summer vacation

While waiting for our marriage documents to come out and for my visa to be processed, I spent my time attending weddings, traveling to the better-than-none Philippine beaches I know I will sorely miss, and hanging out with family and friends. So even if this period (April to August) felt like the longest time – because of course, being newlywed and apart from your significant other is just awful – it didn’t feel too bad at all. I was surrounded with my favorite people all the time, enjoying a summer that seemed to last forever.

Embarked on the big move

plane to frankfurt

I finally got my visa for Germany! I was off to a new start! But at the airport, I had the most bittersweet moment when I kissed my folks goodbye and loaded my luggage on the trolley. It’s not like it’s my first time to move overseas, but this is the farthest (so far) that I’ll ever be from them. I can’t just impulsively book a flight and visit them for a weekend like I used to do. They know I won’t be coming home that often anymore since I need some time to settle and adjust to my new life as part of the married society. You know in our culture, families tend to be really close like ours that is why I always leave with a heavy, aching heart. It wasn’t easy to hug them tight and slowly let go. I’ll do my best to come and visit though at least once a year!

family and friends

Revived my knack for blogging

I didn’t really have a blog launch; I just started writing again after a considerably extensive period of dormancy. At the moment, I’m not aiming to have a blogging career, I just want to practice writing again with topics I love talking about anyway and help people get the right information they need for their travels or in their life. With everything else I do on the side, I only wish I could blog fulltime and eventually earn from it! Haha! But I really hope I can keep this up and going!

Arrived at my new home

I was welcomed with lots of love and kisses! Totally overjoyed! Now, we can start our life together – at long last! You can just imagine the feeling after that excruciating wait for this day to come! I still have a long list of to-do list that’s constantly being updated to “fully integrate” myself into my adopted country. Day by day, I’m just learning more and more about this place and loving it as my own. So far, I guess I’ve been doing just fine trying to blend in but next year I will STOP waiting on others to be able to move forward with something and just start do my/our own thing.

And since I got here, I’ve checked another country on my list and conquered a few new unbelievably gorgeous cities around! I went to my first ever Christmas market and didn’t stop after just one. You know how I roll, don’t you? Get me off that glühwein.

Now I’m ending the year thinking of all the good that happened and listing down projects to launch and things I can do better for others and for myself in 2017! I simply recycle my resolutions after crossing out what I have already accomplished or if there was a change in priority, carry it over the next year add more stuff to it. In fact, I don’t write my resolutions at the start of the year, I constantly update it throughout the year. That way, I stay proactive and create an opportunity to change and improve any time I want.

Every year, I tell myself not to wait if I can do it now.

What are the things you were most proud of this year? Is there one thing you wish could have gone differently for you? Have you made any new year’s resolution yet?


Congrats on all your exciting news!! 🙂 I hope 2017 is just as great!

I LOVE that you get to start your life with the man of your dreams now! Lots of love your way this New Year!

So much exciting news! And an exciting start to the new year. Good luck on this new journey!

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