Post travel depression

Combat Your Post-Holiday Blues Right Now

If only it was as easy to do as it’s easy to say, huh? You’re right; it’s tough. Just last week, a blast of 40-degree temperature drop as I stepped out of the plane was a complete shock to my brain that’s still dreaming of palm trees and salty sea breeze. Unfortunately, up until today, I still can’t bounce back to my (supposedly newly improved) daily routine yet! I blame my uncooperative body which decided to catch a cold. I would have snapped out of this post-holiday blues a lot sooner! Now I should really make more effort to zap it and not spend another day letting it suck all my energy out. So if you’re experiencing it, too and don’t know what to do about it – let’s go get rid of it together!

How to Combat Your Travel Blues - Feeling nostalgic and down after getting back home from a trip? All itchy feet experience that at some point! So if you're wondering how you can get back to your routine again and get back into your bright, sunny disposition - check out these tried and tested tips!

Post-travel depression (PTD) stirs up very real feelings of nostalgia after an amazing trip and makes it a real struggle to embrace the reality or the banality of everyday life. This kind of “mood” affects a lot more than just people like myself who openly admit to going through it every once in a while – if not every time they come back from a trip. But don’t worry, for most people, this feeling just simply wanes off in a few days or weeks. Now before it goes on for a month, listen up: you can pull yourself through! Check out my tried and tested tactics:

Get some Z’s

sleeping in airports

On your way back home, try to get as much sleep as you can! Sleep deprived travelers do not only catch colds easily, but they have a harder time beating jet lag when they reach their destination. If you can’t sleep on the plane for any reason, DO NOT resort to downing all alcoholic inflight drinks unless you want to deal with a hangover on top of it all. Instead, opt for a calming tea – such as chamomile or lavender tea – turn off the TV screen, request for an eyemask and earplug, and breathe deeply until you’re out.  Also, politely ask the flight attendant to let you doze off and just leave the food on your tray table once the food service starts.

Whatever that can help you fall asleep, have and bring it with you – yes, even if it’s your security blanket! I assure you, no one will mind. Similarly once you’re back in your own abode, you need to sleep around the same time you’d normally tuck yourself in bed to reset your circadian clock and beat jet lag.

Get busy

trip planning

As you try to cope with your jet lag, get busy with things to look forward to – like visiting your family and friends to tell them about your vacation, trying out a new activity to trick your mind you’re not going back to the same lifestyle, and my personal favorite, start planning for another trip! This has always worked for me without fail. I get myself psyched up for future dream vacays lined up – even if it’s all just up in the air and you can’t book anything yet because your bank account is currently depleted. If you have a pile of work waiting for you at the office enough to keep you busy, it won’t feel like a punishment once you’ve acknowledged that you need that job to fund your travels. Always look at the bright side!

Get moving

rope training exercise

Get off the couch and break a sweat cleaning the house, busting a dance move, going for a brisk walk/run, or doing any quick bursts of exercise throughout the day to get endorphins running through your body to improve your overall mood and make you feel energized. I’m quite bad at this especially during winter time when there are days when all I want is to curl up in bed bundled up with snug flannel blankets, but that’s about to change! Right, so.. I’m going to end this here, get up and move! And so should you!

Do you have any more advice on how do you shun away post-holiday blues in a snap? I’d love to know a few more tricks!


Ah! It’s really sad to come back home after a long long vacation! But sweating it out in the gym or talking to my friends over a cuppa always helps.

I always find doing sports really helps!

Hang Around The World

Thank you for you inspiring post! You did a very good article that we needed when we came back from our last trip. When you say to get busy and stay moving, this is important for the mind and the body 🙂

davide utravelshare

It’s not only sad go back after a lifetime experience like travelling, it’s also depressed and you would like to back to the past!! I do something really helpful to keep going: GET BUSY! Sports, work, having family stuff…:-D thanks for sharing

This is a true problem! Feeling blue when back from holidays or longer travels. My remedy is to go out as much as possible to see all my friends again and immediately plan the my next trip 😉

Beck the Traveller

This was me coming back from an awesome holiday in Nepal, the 2 days I was stuck in Istanbul due to snow didn’t help so I got home 4am Monday morning and had to go to work. Tuesday the killer cold arrived.

I always find starting to research your next holiday really helps. I need something to look forward too !!

Oh no, but you know it could be worse – like getting sick while travelling! Yes, it’s always good to have something to look forward to!

Great tips to a common problems, a few hugs from my dog and that seems to do the trick 😉

I definitely am subject to the blues after a holiday. Sleeping had always been a problem on the flight home, but having a healthy meal, napping and then sleeping back on schedule has always perked me right up.

I always got post holiday blues! Not much fun. My favourite way to beat them was to make sure I already had another trip booked to look forward to when I got back. It’s a good idea to get moving and not stay at home brooding over everything! Keeping busy is definitely key.

Exactly! It’s worse when you are actually stuck home working! Definitely helps to get out of the house!

This is a great list! Looking back through photos from my trip also helps me 🙂

Definitely get this every time I come home, but always feel really stupid telling friends etc about it! I find keeping busy really helps, as it not only occupies my body but my mind too, and stops it wandering off into daydreams of far off lands haha.

I know! Is it because they might think you’re just making them jealous?

Some really nice tips to combat PTD. My fiancee and I are getting married soon so we’ve been busy just doing that, on top of work and other stuff. Still need to go to the gym though…

Fábio Inácio

I remember back in 2010 after my first big journey I got so depressive.
But as you said we can’t stop and in this post, you give really helpful solutions to keep us busy.

“…start planning for another trip…” Sure it is the best for me 😀

Good tips to fight that feeling. I will start a new job in March, until now I was independent.. Will see if this affects my freedom for spontaneous trips. But until March, I’m off for a month to maximise the feeling of adventure before getting ‘serious’. 😀



Surely, your trips will be less spontaneous as you’d have to plan it around your vacation leaves, but at least that won’t stop you from traveling anyhow! Congrats on your new job!

I feel you. I also had my fair share of separation anxiety with Taiwan last December..until now. 🙁 thanks for the tips!

I need to show this to my fiancée, she gets the blues terribly bad. Whereas I find some catharsis in writing about, she hits a wall. I’ll have to show her this post!

This post brings us some great tips, and those are things that I try to do on a regular basis. Although I love to travel, I also love to come back home. I think I’m lucky for it so I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

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