5 Powerful Ways to Take Control of Your Life

5 Powerful Ways to Take Control of Your Life

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“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.”― Steve Maraboli

There you go again, sitting in your good ol’ office swivel chair, getting increasingly uncomfortable of the thought of spending the rest of your life in the same place; or maybe you’re wondering what will happen if you give up the comfortable life you have now in pursuit of your dreams.

By now you’re past your quarter-life crises and you struggle to eliminate the feeling of being stuck in a rut as you enter another phase; hint: midlife. We all know that feeling. When you are still not done unburdening yourself (and packing up life’s old baggages), and yet there’s another mound of troubles to clear. That feeling of defeat when you are unable to move forward especially when age is catching up on you and you don’t seem to get anything done.

Troubles are part of life and we deal with it differently. Some keep and carry it inside of them; others share it and together find a way to make it go away. It’s your choice.

I get comments like, “Life seems to be going well for you!” or “You’re lucky you don’t have the problems that I have”. Probably or maybe because I have it worse? You just don’t know about it because I choose to deal with it quietly and in a way that I won’t have to self destruct. I must have an invisible #blessed plastered on my forehead, huh? Don’t think for once I don’t have my daily struggles, I do. That is why I always keep these in mind whenever something beats me down as it helps me take back control of my life. And I believe anyone can do it, even YOU!

We don’t realize right away that our efforts are materializing due to all the small changes we barely recognize. So how do we learn to appreciate the small things or the little victories we accomplish? How do we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and begin overcoming our biggest hurdles? It’s no easy task, but we should start somewhere, right?5 powerful ways to take control of your life


We often decide on how important we are by how people judge our current status in life. We often doubt our own abilities and tend to seek approval from the ones we look up to. Why do we let others define our goals, our worth, and our success? Why don’t we take an honest assessment of ourselves and only listen to the ones whose opinions matter to us (e.g. your family and/or your chosen family – your true friends)? When you’re feeling undervalued at work or by someone, dig deep and find that one thing that makes you special – own it and show it to the world with pride. Each one of us have that special something, which some call passion; others call it remarkable talents, just waiting to be celebrated.


Don’t you sometimes wish you could do this or that better? Or wish you could learn something with ease? With all the available free resources online and affordable learning options in your own community, the possibilities to expand your knowledge or acquire a new skill are limitless. It’s only you who’s preventing yourself to level up. So..


How do you exactly plan to  turn your life around when you just never run out of excuses? It seems that you are unwilling to do any kind of work to change your overall situation, yet you keep complaining day in day out that you are still where you are now. Guaranteed nothing will happen as long as you keep refusing to work hard for your dreams and telling yourself there’s always another day or a right time to make a move. Newsflash: the right time is NOW. What’s stopping you? Remember, you’re not allowed to make excuses.


Something keeps you up at night and keeps you going through the day – what is it? Come on, give it a name. You will stay motivated and be more productive if you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve and can envision the result that can come out of it. Dream big! You become what you think, according to the law of attraction. But do not just think it, work towards becoming that person or having the life you dream of.


You know what they say;  if you want to succeed, you must be prepared to fail. We all have tried and failed at something in life. No one has got it all figured out from the start. It’s true – it’s hard to not feel discouraged when doors keep closing, plans keep falling apart and losses keep piling up. We are not immune to pain or failure, but dwelling on it only encloses you with negative vibes and prevent you from moving on, achieving greater things. If you’ve made a big mistake, learn to forgive yourself. If the universe is simply not on your side (this time), keep trying! It’s easier said than done, that’s true as well. So take your time to pick yourself up again, but not too much! There’s more of you the world longs to see.


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