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Bucket Lists and Why Mine Does Not Exist

Bucket Lists and Why Mine Does Not Exist

Wild and crazy adventures. Death-defying stunts. Impressive skills set. Trophy-filled room. What else is on your list?

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Skydiving in Lake Taupo, New Zealand

We all dream of doing and acquiring things and set a timeframe to get it accomplished. In the past few years, I’ve been trying to populate that bucket list. But after a while, I gave up. That’s not to say I have stopped dreaming, I just quit putting it on paper.  Now I prefer to go through the days without feeling the pressure each time I picture that list in my head. But what are the real reasons?

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Full Plate

As I have a tendency to go overboard and want to do way too many unrealistic things right away,  I’m currently keeping my focus on a pile of matters to attend to – most of the time, urgently – which leaves me hardly any spare time for playing around with stuff I don’t really feel strongly about. I believe that if something’s that important to you, you should already be on it. If you can do it now, WHY WAIT?

Waiting Game

I’m quite impatient. I mean, I can get VERY impatient. Like I said, when I think about doing something, I want to do it at this very moment. I don’t like waiting. So if chances are slim to learn to fly a plane or base jump in the next couple of months, I do not let those thoughts nag me. I’ll preoccupy myself first with my pending tasks. Besides, I’m bad at making plans and sticking to it – except when plans are made with another person because in that case, I have someone, other than myself, who will be left disappointed if it all falls through.

Unpredictable Enjoyment

I have a few major goals, but It’s hard to tell what I want sometimes. Hard enough that I couldn’t come up with a single thing to even bother attempting to make a list and that if you’d ask me, I’d just end up blabbering all random stuff. I can be slacking off at one point and then the next, suddenly cramming to learn a lot in such a short time. You see, that’s not how it should be. It should just come naturally, not force it on yourself. Sometimes though, I don’t know what I’ve been missing until I come across it. And that’s when I’d decide if I’m going to have/do it. Yes, I try to very “present” in the moment. I find it absolutely more fun when it’s done spontaneously.

Most of the craziest and best things I’ve done in my life are things I never really gave much thought of – it’s during those moments when I let my feelings just take over me.

Sarj scuba diving

Like when I saw beautiful and strapping underwater shots, I felt it’s a good idea to learn to scuba dive. Or when the sun came out and skies cleared up after some overcast days and suddenly I felt like it’s a perfect day to skydive. When I try to think too much (over analyze), that’s when the fear starts to set in and worrying becomes nonstop.

So I just learned to lift it all up to God, spread love and just have a real good time.

I promised to give myself a break and not beat myself up too much when I fail at something – so it helps a lot when I don’t have a long list of unaccomplished goals to look into which I didn’t even take a stab at.

So does NOT having a bucket list give me an excuse to slack off? Of course not, it gives me more time to focus more on projects that are close to my heart. More than anything, it gives me an excuse to NOT keep putting things off til later in life and start today.

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