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This space is a repository of truthful pieces of my mind and stories that paint an accurate picture of life as we know it and beyond. So if you appreciate someone who keeps it real, I think we’re going to be great friends. 😉

I’m a cross between a realist and a dreamer when it comes to…


I’m a Filipina globetrotter who have finally decided to settle down after marrying my long-time travel buddy and getting myself busy acclimatizing to my new home and role as a super hip wife.

When I started traveling solo overseas at 23, I knew I was going to get hooked and I knew that it wasn’t going to be as easy as simply quitting my job, booking a one-way ticket and becoming a digital nomad wherever I want in order to support myself on the road and pursue a life of endless adventure. There was no ideal place in the world where I could enjoy the exchange rate of my hard-earned Philippine peso and live off of it for a few months at the start. I also wasn’t born with a silver spoon, that’s why I had to come up with a plan to finance my dream of traveling the world.

Sauerland Mountains

I didn’t become a digital nomad, but I’ve been able to tick far-flung countries off my list through working extra hard and sucking up the ridiculous visa fees. A third-world-passport holder will not find it easy to global-hop on a whim, but I’m here to show you how it can be done. Start by checking out my travel resource page for Filipinos and watch out for updates.

I’m sorry but my Instagram feed and posts will never be filled with me in dresses with perfectly-coiffed hair against a hyper-realistic backdrop while hiking through Grand Canyon at 40C or covering the whole stretch of the Great Wall with a tsunami of tourists. I want to capture and show you the real essence of travel encapsulated in unfiltered thoughts and only color-corrected photos.


Being 6,379 miles away from my hometown after my life took a monumental turn for the better, I’m still getting myself used to manage the rollercoaster of emotions living abroad.

Although I have lived in quite a few different places and have moved 11 times across eight cities in three disparate countries in the last two and a half decades, my last big move to Germany was exceptional in so many levels I feel that something has to keep me “put together” somehow while I find my bearings in my new adopted country – hence, the birth of this blog. I sure hope anyone deciding to move abroad may be able to learn a thing or two through my personal experiences. Let’s learn how to accept and embrace change together.

The beauty of life comes from all that excitement, the unexpected turns, the surprises, and the imperfections. My reality is no different than everyone else’s – it’s not perfect; but we can definitely make it better, a little less frightening, then mold it into a life we want to experience.

Mariner's ridge, honolulu

So, although my main focus is travel and lifestyle, I will surely use this blog as an outlet to share my experiences (and attempts) in learning to blend in like a local wherever I am, adapting to married life, boosting productivity, fighting boredom and homesickness, and leaping over roadblocks.

Hopefully, I’d also be able to provide some inspiration – or entertainment – in and amidst your daily struggles.

In a nutshell, this is for anyone who wants to get real and truthful travel reviews, practical travel tips, and to know how I (will and plan to) survive life after thirty trying to be a grownup and all, yet still continuing to do the things I love and discovering new things to love.

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